Photo by Christophe Berney

Ilan Averbuch: The Lily Pond, at Nancy Hoffman Gallery, 2017.

Ilan Averbuch: The Lily Pond

Exhibition Catalog, 24 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, full color, 20 illustrations.

Ilan Averbuch: Public Projects is available at featuring an essay by Mark Daniel Cohen

Ilan Averbuch: Thoughts

by Pickeral Pie Entertainment, July 2014

Room Tone Interview

William Garrett’s Room Tone podcast interview with Ilan Averbuch, October 2014

A sculptor of international acclaim, Averbuch talks about his path to art, isolation and impatience as a creative force, how the landscape around you creates your artistic pallet, and how a Persian King from 600 BC connects to a modern day Los Angeles public art competition.